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From: Mark
Subject: Facing Faris - chapter 1Disclaimer : This is a fiction story and is not meant to imply anything
about the sexuality of Sean Faris.*******************************************************************Ryan wiped his sleepy eyes irritably. He was tired, and had slept badly. It
seemed like the bathroom was a mile away, but he slowly meandered there,
only to look into the mirror with a sense of deep dissatisfaction. He was
25 and good-looking with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, but he looked
like something from a horror movie after last night. His eyes shouted
exhaustion and their red tinge made him feel even worse. He felt tired,
dirty and irritable. With a sigh he climbed into the shower and started to
wash himself, all the while reciting his intentions for the upcoming
meeting.He seemed young for an IT executive, but even if it seemed arrogant to say,
he had to admit he was a genius. Very few people possessed his skill with
computers. He thought he could live off programming code even if all other
forms of language disappeared from the world. He'd managed to land a
contract with a large company today - a contract which he could retire on
if he managed to secure it."Who in their right mind pays ten million dollars for their IT work?" he
asked himself bitterly in the shower. Big companies, that's who. Of course,
it wouldn't be plain sailing if he did land the contract. Ten million
dollars implied a shitload of work, but that was a minor problem. He didn't
mind working hard, though he couldn't say the same about getting up early.Climbing out of the shower, he stood in front of the mirror and looked at
himself again, his hair hanging mischievously in his face, and the water
running in intricate paths over his body. The shower had made a small
improvement. At least he no longer looked like he'd been hit by
lightning. His hair wasn't long, but his fringe did hang into his eyes when
it felt like it. He started to shave and watched his pecs and abs flex
while he moved."At least something looks good in the morning," he said. He did have a good
body, and the gym was a good distraction when the torment of a computer
screen became too much.A few minutes later he was looking considerably better as he put his jacket
on over his open necked shirt. He couldn't decide whether he should wear a
tie or not. He hadn't worn one for years, but he was hardly up to date with
modern business trends. What to do...He walked out of his apartment at high speed minutes later (without a
tie). He still had more than an hour until his meeting, and his first
priority as usual was to head down to the coffee shop downstairs and enjoy
a cup of coffee and something light to eat. Normally he did this much
later in the day, but today he had a meeting and that was abnormal in its
self. The coffee shop made the best, well, anything in the city, teen lolita videos sites and it was
mere feet from his apartment.He shrugged as the city air hit his dark blue shirt, unsure whether it was
going to be cold or not. To his surprise it didn't bite like he expected it
to, and he relaxed. He entered the almost deserted coffee shop and walked
to the counter to place his order."Ryan!" the pretty girl behind the counter said with a wide smile. "I've
never seen you here so early. Everything okay?""Everything's fine thanks Becky," he said with a gracious smile. "Could I
bug you for some coffee - something very strong - and a croissant over
there. Yes, that one."She smiled at him deeply as he paid, and her suggestive eyes roamed over
him. He politely thanked her and sat at the counter table on the
comfortable stool, while trying to arrange his newspaper and food. Becky
was very sweet, and she was beautiful too. She'd been trying for nearly
two years to get him to go on a date, sometimes she was so open about it it
was shocking. He thought she would have figured out by now that he was gay,
or at least thought that he wasn't interested, but she persisted to his
amusement.With a sigh he started reading through his newspaper, but he didn't make
any progress and he certainly didn't absorb a single article. He was too
preoccupied with his job later in the day. He took a bite out of his
croissant - an angry bite to cause the pastry as much pain as he could. He
felt like a wild animal tearing his prey to pieces. Ridiculous perhaps,
but he needed to channel his frustration into something. With minimal
concentration he pink area lolitas porno reached and grabbed the sugar for his coffee. He added a
copious amount. The coffee was bound to be satanically strong, firstly
because he'd asked for it, and secondly because Becky would do her best to
prove that she'd done what he'd asked. He stirred his coffee indifferently
while trying to read some article centered on soaring food prices.He took a deep sip from his coffee. It was warm and he savored the
taste. It was as strong as he'd expected, but at least it would keep him
awake. Suddenly he froze in the act of swallowing his coffee and realized
that something was wrong. Something was revealing its self through the
coffee, something which was moving with malignant force even through that
strong blend. Salt! With a cough and several splutters he spat his coffee
out into the paper cup."Oh shit... that's rancid!" he muttered. He shook his head convulsively as
the salt started working on his taste buds.Becky was there in an instant. "What's wrong Ryan? Oh my! Is it the coffee?
I can make you some more."He raised a placating hand, still unsure whether he could speak because his
throat felt as if it was being torn to pieces by a swarm of killer
bees. "It's my fault," he said to her in an embarrassingly hoarse voice. "I
wasn't looking and added salt to my coffee. I would like another one
please."She smiled with amusement and pity and started to make him a new coffee. He
started reading his paper again, but his tastebuds were still dancing. From
behind his newspaper he heard snickering. He ignored it but it persisted
and he slowly lowered the ear of the page, to cast his vengeful eye on the
perpetrator.Some guy was sitting next to him with his fist over his mouth, trying to
veil his laughter. The nerve. He was a young guy, about his age, but he
couldn't see his face very well which had been well obscured with a
baseball cap. He was wearing a green sweater and blue jeans, and he looked
like someone who totally didn't have a job to go to. Ryan pondered a
rebuttal - something he could say to destroy this rude swine, but at the
same time to stop short of starting a fight. tiny preteen lollita smile He opened his mouth to deliver
his judgment, but the guy spoke to him first."I'm sorry man, I didn't mean to be preten lolitas top model rude," he said between laughs. "It was
pretty funny that's all. Sorry."He gave Ryan a quick look in the eye, and the moment seemed to freeze as if
it had been taken with a camera. He was so hot! His smile was beautiful,
for lack of a better word, and his eyes were perfect and ... inviting! The
moment stretched and the guy decided that Ryan was probably pissed and not
likely to respond, so he faced forward with shy young top lolita
an embarrassed cough, and the
smile slid from his face as he started to drink his coffee. Ryan shook his
head, and jumped when he heard a voice next to him."Here's your coffee, Ryan," Becky said, and he looked at her vacantly. He
murmured thanks and started at his new coffee. His brain seemed to be
working as massive speeds, but at the same time it seemed like the air had
turned to a gel and that he was moving through it at a fraction of the
normal pace. He turned to his right and stared at the guy next to him, just
to make sure he really was there. He wouldn't have been surprised had he
been hallucinating, especially after his most appalling sleep the previous
evening. The guy's face was serious, perhaps even dejected, as he ate his
muffin morosely. Ryan found his eyes tracing the guy's jawline - it was
strong and horrendously well sculpted. He wanted to scan the rest of the
guy's body hungrily, but suddenly found himself looking around at the rest
of the shop to see whether he'd been too obvious. Empty seats greeted his
anxiety.No. He would not let this potential opportunity pass by. "Dude, I am so
sorry!" he said to the guy next to him. The guy stopped chewing and looked
at Ryan, unsure whether he was the target of the comment. It had, after
all, been over a minute since the guy had spoken to him. The guy must think
him mentally incapacitated! Well, that seemed to be a half-truth at
least. He did feel like he'd been hit on the head with a hammer. He
suddenly found himself hoping his eyes were less red and that he didn't
look as bad as he thought he did.The guy had turned in his chair to half-face him, and Ryan
continued. "Sorry, I'm just really tired and I have a huge job promotion
today. I'm just stressed. Sorry."The guy delayed only for a fraction of a second, but Ryan felt terror
during that moment. Anything could have happened and he half-expected the
guy to tell him to fuck off. Suddenly the guy smiled weakly and he found
himself exhaling a breath he couldn't remember holding. He took a deep
gulp of coffee to disguise his embarrassment."No salt this time?" the guy said with a smile. So perfect!Ryan pics nude preteen lolita merely laughed, and the guy joined him a moment later clearly looking
at Ryan's mouth. "I'm Sean," he said with an outstretched hand.Ryan shook his hand and enjoyed the brief period of contact much more than
he should have. "Ryan," he said sheepishly."Pleased to meet you," he said cheerily. "I thought you were a prick when
you first spoke," he added, and Ryan felt himself blush."Uh... I thought I was a prick too," he responded, and they laughed again."So, you have a job interview today?" Sean asked."No, a job offer. I'm trying to get a contract for my IT company. I'm
pretty nervous. It's a make or break deal, if you know what I mean.""Sure I do," he said. His eyes were so nice to look into - his face was so
fucking perfect, but he had to control himself. He couldn't stare like a
fool, but he tried to steal glances every few seconds. "Are you going like
that?" he said skeptically.Ryan suddenly became very self-aware and recoiled against his
will. "Uh... is there a reason I shouldn't be?" he said softly."Well," Sean said matter-of-factly, as if Ryan hadn't said anything at
all. "I've been to a lot of interviews, and they generally like it when you
wear a tie.""Fuck! I knew I should have worn one," Ryan said to himself, furious for
looking incompetent in front of Sean. Sean was laughing."You're funny," Sean young nudist lolita model said smiling widely."Trust me, mate, it's not intentional. If anything, I'm laughable.""Nah, just funny," he said with a twinkle in his eye. "Go young nudist lolita model put on a
tie. You'll look nice in one," he said almost unintentionally."Will I now?" Ryan said sexily, and Sean suddenly became aware of what had
escaped his lips. The smile vanished from his lips and he appeared to
almost panic, swinging to face ahead and take a deep gulp of his coffee."Dude, relax," Ryan said with some mild concern, because the guy had
reacted severely. "I was just joking."Sean nodded to himself, but he kept his eyes downcast. He didn't respond
though. Ryan knew that he felt uneasy, so he tried to break the ice a
little."So Sean... what do you do for a living?" he asked with a smile on his
face, trying to give every indication that he was trying to move on.Sean stared ahead for a few moments then jerked around. "Wha?" he said,
then coughed. "I'm... uh... I'm an actor.""Really?" Ryan said, with genuine interest. "Take off your cap, let me see
you," he said.Sean looked around warily then slowly removed his cap, and tried to neaten
his hair. The cap had made his hair untidy but Ryan thought it made him
twice as sexy. He had thick brown hair, and he had rapid visions of him
running his hand through it while kissing Sean fiercely.Ryan smiled and nodded to himself. "Ah okay, I've seen you in some TV
programs. You were pretty good."Sean blinked with surprise and then sat quickly while putting his cap back
on. "Wow, most people go mental when they recognize me.""Do you want me to go mental?" Ryan asked uneasily."No!" Sean shouted, and blushed after he realized that he'd done so. "I
think it's refreshing." Sean leaned forwards on his elbows and moved a
little closer to Ryan. lolikon preteen loli lolicon Ryan suddenly really did feel uneasy. "Is Becky
your girlfriend?" he asked suddenly.Ryan gave a small chuckle and shook his head. Sean's face was serious, and
something which might have been anxiety hid behind his eyes. "No," Ryan
said definitively. He made sure Becky was on the other side of the
shop. There was no need to be a bastard and hurt her feelings."Do you have a girlfriend?" Sean said immediately, and his question almost
rode over his answer. Ryan looked at him for a moment, and wondered what he
was up to. This seemed like some sort of desperate interrogation."No Sean," he replied with a small smile. "I gay. So gay."It was Sean's turn to recoil. Ryan muttered to himself. Some people
responded like this, but it would be a pity if Sean turned out to be some
sort of bigot. Sean's face became serious and his chest stood out as he
said proudly, "well, I have a girlfriend."Ryan looked from side to side, wondering if there was some hidden message
in that proclamation. Had he missed something? "Good for you," he said with
as much sincerity as possible. "What's her name?" he asked politely.Shock seemed to pain Sean's face. "Her name? Uh... well... listen I have to
go," he said suddenly and he got up and threw some money down, an
unintentionally spilled his coffee onto the floor. "Fuck," he said angrily,
but he didn't make an lolita nude model tgp effort to clean up. Instead he ran to the exit of the
shop, clearly intending to flee. Ryan felt a pang as he realized that this
guy wouldn't tolerate being near another gay guy. It was a real pity - they
guy seemed so awesome. Ryan was about to turn back to his paper and read
when Sean's form caught his eye. He looked to the entrance quickly and saw
that Sean had stopped in his tracks and was looking at him. There was agony
on his face, and true desperation if he was correct. He felt his mouth drop
despite himself. He was on the verge of getting up and rushing to shy young top lolita Sean to
ask him what the problem was when Sean turned and sprinted out of sight. He
heard a cry and a little girl lolitas nude
bag of food crashed on the sidewalk as Sean had evidently
collided with someone and their parcels."What a jerk," he heard next to him. Becky was busy cleaning up the mess on
the floor, and her face was vexed and angry."Yeah - a small nn lolita vids jerk," he said softly, but his mind was racing. Something very
strange had just gone on here. He looked at his watch and gasped."Shit!" he shouted and ran out of the shop, Becky's voice trailing after
him. He had fifteen minutes to get to his job, and he still had to collect
his stuff. He sprinted up to his apartment, but before leaving, he made a
stop an put on a tie. Smiling to himself, he had the uncanny feeling that
he and Sean would cross paths in the near future. Something was not right,
but something wasn't wrong either.*********************************************************************I've wanted to write a Faris story for a while now. If you liked the story
please write to me at and I'll add the next chapter in
the near future.
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